Eco-Angling around St. John's


Wake Up Beside a Salmon Pool

Eco-angling permits you to get out of St. John's to enjoy the tranquil silence of a night in the backcountry under the Newfoundland stars...and you can wake-up without the anxiety that someone has beat you to the salmon pool. 


East Coast Ghillies offers limited opportunities for eco-angling excursions that involve hikes deep into the woods to fish and camp on salmon rivers. Eco-angling requires special consultation with your guides well in-advance to ensure that each sport is fit enough to carry camping gear a fair distance over rough terrain and that s/he can spend a night in the woods without any amenities.

Eco-angling trips are born out of your guides' shared sense of stewardship and respect for the solitude and rugged extremity of the Newfoundland salmon habitat. Consequently, after parking our vehicle, these trips don't involve any more motors. We will walk to the river, set-up camp, and do our fishing by walking up and down the river. We will pack provisions, but we will inevitably drink filtered water from the river. Our goal will be to leave as little imprint as possible on the river and its surrounding ecosystem and to immerse ourselves in the natural rhythms of the woods and the river.

Eco-angling trips for trout may also be worked out beginning May 15th. Trout eco-angling trips may involve paddling a canoe.


Eco-angling rates will be figured during the consultation process. We will have to determine and consider the length of the hike, number of nights, gear to be rented, and amount of provisions. 


Salmon eco-angling = eco-dangling; guides near St. John's,

Salmon eco-angling = eco-dangling; guides near St. John's, Newfoundland.