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Guided Sea-Trout

From early February until June, there are opportunities to pursue sea-run brown trout on the rivers and estuaries around St. John's and the Avalon peninsula. These are "normal" brown trout who decide to exit their freshwater systems and go into the ocean to feed. As a result, many of these sea-trout who have fed well can grow to considerable size. Some of these sea-trout will temporarily revisit freshwater as temperatures become milder in the spring, while smolts (juvenile trout) and kelts (mature trout that spawned in the fall and over-wintered in freshwater) will begin to frequent brackish water as they condition themselves for a summer in the ocean.

Consequently, we mostly target sea-trout as they move in and out of the estuaries and tidal sections of rivers. Just like an Atlantic salmon, these anadromous trout will gradually turn a bright chrome for saltwater camouflage.

Sea-run brown trout are generally not caught in freshwater during the summer months. However, these trout will return to spawn in the autumnal high tides, and sea-trout can once again be caught in coastal freshwater during the fall months. East Coast Ghillies can provide sea-trout guides right up until October 7th.

Brook trout will also run into the ocean, and they return to freshwater in the spring and late summer as beautiful, chunky, silver brook trout. This can be extremely fun fishing. 



All rates are per angler.

Full Day Sea-Trouting      $140 

Sea-Trout-by-the-Hour    $30 per hour

  • Full Day Sea-Trouting excursions include lunch and snacks that try to emphasize local game, fish, and products when available.
  • Sea-Trouting-by-the-hour includes snacks and a boil-up if conditions and time permit.  


We require a 20% deposit at the time of booking. This deposit is refundable only if you cancel 7 days prior to your trip.

Gear Rental: Waders, fly rods, and fly reels are available to rent for a nominal fee of $25 per angler.

Flies and a Non-Resident trout license are extra and not included in the rates above. 

All anglers from outside of Newfoundland will need to purchase a Non-resident Trout License. This includes Out-of-Province Canadians as well as international  visitors. In the past, this license has been about $15. Non-resident Trout Family licenses are available for the same price.

The Sea-Run Racket

East Coast Ghillies specializes in catering to visiting anglers' schedules. Guided sea-trout trips provide an excellent opportunity to shed the confines of a conference hall or business meeting. We can customize Full Day or hourly guided sea-trout excursions for you. Use a guided sea-trout trip to breathe-in the salt air of the beautiful Newfoundland coastline and visit the historic coastal communities outside of St.  John's.  

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